You're looking at LocoScout®, a new kind of location library. It's public property exclusive, and a snap to search. LocoScout® helps filmmakers find some future favorites.

Try it out and tell us what you think. If you have questions, please call 213.977.8600 and ask for Production Planning (government properties) or Property Management (just for schools).

Listing on LocoScout® does not guarantee availability of properties. LocoScout® is designed as a reference tool to pre-screen properties for potential use by the film industry. It is not designed to replace site visits to discover current conditions and suitability for the particular production. Use of photographs for any purposes except "scouting reports" or other internal use by a production company is prohibited. Use of photographs on LocoScout® for commercial or public purposes is expressly prohibited. Some properties may have trademark rights.